New Customer

STRiDE is here to offer you the most compact and affordable plans for web updates and maintenance services.Our professionals have the experience of building websites from scratch, redesigning, coding, and updating them. Our extensive experience in the field makes us the go-to option for efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Basic Plan

New/Redesigned Custom Website: Basic (2-3 pages)

Website Updates: Up to 10 changes per month

Basic Security:  SSL Certificate, Version Upgrade

Basic Tech Support: Debugging

Hosting: 4 Gigs Storage, Monthly Backups

Advanced Plan

New/Redesigned Custom WordPress Site: Standard – Ecommerce  (10 -20 Pages)

Website Updates: Up to 25 changes per month

Reporting: Google Analytics

Advanced Security: SSL Certificate, Version Upgrade, Malware Projection,  Monitoring

Advanced Tech Support: Debugging, Dedicated Agent

Hosting: Unlimited Storage, Weekly Backups

Invincive Plan

Website Development:  Community (Unlimited)

Website Updates: Up to 100 per month

Advanced Tech Support: Debugging, Dedicated Agent

Advanced Security: SSL Certificate, Version Upgrade, Malware Protection, Monitoring

On Page SEO: Home & Product/Service Page

Reporting: Google Analytics & Reporting

Hosting: Unlimited Storage, Daily Backups